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Interview with Caitlin Grace

Jul 17th in News, Interviews

So we sat down with Caitlin for a quick catch up and goss session! Here's the result!

Brett: Hi Caitlin. We've been following your progress for a while now, as you were one of the Designers on Designer Lookout. It's been an exciting time and what's even more exciting is you've just released your latest collection! Tell us about the Collection, what was the inspiration for this collection?

Caitlin: The inspiration behind this collection was actually from seeing the movie ‘Melana’ a very beautiful movie with amazing outfits. The collection is untitled but it’s made up of several pieces of simplistic and elegant designs with the Little Red Dress.

Brett: How did you find juggling your existing responsibilities and trying to design and create this latest collection?

Caitlin: To be honest, I did take my time with this collection, usually I rush to try and get it finished, but I wanted to create artworks rather than simple clothing. But when I did have a day off, which wasn’t very often, I used my time wisely and created the designs.

Brett: Tell us about the photo shoot (link to photo shoot here)

Caitlin: This photoshoot, literally took an hour and a half! I worked with an amazing team! Matt Hofmann, the photographer, who shot my very first collection worked on this one and the outcome is amazing! Juliette Oddie is the model, I have used her before and she is a ball of fun and she is an artist herself so i love the ideas and concept she brings to the photos! Plus she has the best figure for this collection and is gorgeous!

Brett: What has been the biggest benefit to being listed on Designer Lookout.

Caitlin: Designer Lookout has given me more exposure than what I would be able to do myself. Being on DL gives me the opportunity and other members the opportunity to explore and network with boutiques and get feedback from them as well. One of the boutiques actually sent a link through to all the designers to apply for Project Runway 2011

Brett: Do you have any big plans over the next few months?

Caitlin: I do plan to take Caitlin Grace to Melbourne, but in the mean time I am focusing on my new collection for Spring/Summer 11/12 which is exciting. More photo shoots will be happening as well and also trying to get more stockists nationwide rather than locally. Also, I may be starting a children’s clothing line...!

Brett: Exciting stuff Caitlin! Thanks for your time, we wish you the best of luck in the future with Caitlin Grace.

Caitlin: Thank you for having me, I look forward to the future and much more exposure with DL!


There you go folks, Caitlin Grace, sure to be one to keep your eyes on. If you want to see Caitlin Grace's other collections check out her Designer Lookout profile, or follow her on Facebook. If you'd like to make a stockist inquiry please go contact Caitlin Grace