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Meet the Team


Coming from a freelancing background, Brett is a motivated and driven individual. Brett's role as Lead Developer is to continue to develop the site and oversee the team. Being quite the IT professional, together with having a good knowledge of the Fashion Industry and Social Media, Brett is the perfect nerd to ensure the success of the Designer Lookout endeavour.

If Brett isn’t at his desk, you’ll find him down at the local swimming hole practicing his synchronized swimming techniques, or playing shuttlecock in the park with friends. Fitness and girlish sports are an important part of Brett’s life.



Zane's role in the organization is that of Customer Liaison. He provides us with a point of contact for our clients that can't be surpassed. Zane’s phone manner is perfection personified; a perfection our clients succumb to every time.

Zane’s main Love Language is ‘words of affirmation’, resulting in an incessant need of approval and affection from his leader Brett. Zane also goes by the nickname “Whopper”, for reasons undisclosed to the public.




Emily our amazing Content WriterEmily is our content writer. She has quite a way with the written word, and a special fondness for and skill in correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Emily likes to rub this in the faces of those who don’t share such impeccable skill, using belittlement and condescension.

If Emily isn’t at her desk, she is usually at home alone, because no one likes a critic.


Jonny takes the role of Business Analyst/Lawyer/Creative Director very seriously. But we’re not quite sure what he does. What we do know is that Jonny enjoys being referred to sometimes as his Japanese alias, Suki. That’s weird.